Ladies, 8 Guys You Should Avoid If You Want A Prosperous Financial Life

5. Eternally upcoming musicians

I once came across a thread of one girl who complained about her bf who was an upcoming musician and wanted her to lend him her fees to pay for his studio session. She wanted to give him the money but on second thoughts decided to use it to pay her fees and all hell was let loose. He accused her of being wicked, insensitive and not supporting him at his lowest point. All of this after the lady had helped the guy in time past. I don’t have an issue with a lady believing in her man’s dreams and sticking with him through it all but dearie if music is all he’s been doing for years and there’s no hit coming from anywhere, I suggest you dump his ass and move on. Thank you

6. Those who do hard drugs

My dear ladies if you don’t want your case to be investigated by NDLEA in future kindly dump this guy and move on.

7. Those that are obsessed with Edible catering

This one is self explanatory, if a guy cannot stay faithful to you, then he will most certainly wreck you in future with his philandering ways, ladies beware.

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