Ladies, 8 Guys You Should Avoid If You Want A Prosperous Financial Life

Ladies, 8 Guys You Should Avoid If You Want A Prosperous Financial Life

Now as the popular saying goes, what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. Who says its only ladies that can ruin a man financially? And not the other way round. We were all privy to the Tiwa-Teebillz saga that rocked the news last week, a case of a woman bearing the bulk of the financial burden of the family while her man is redolent. From that, its very obvious that there are categories of guys a lady must avoid dating if she wants to have a prosperous financial life.

Here some of them are:

1. Those that have no future ambition

Ladies if your bf is not physically or mentally challenged but he does nothing as an adult and has no intention of doing anything useful, dump him! He’s an NFA! He may promise to get you heaven and earth and keep you perpetually happy when you’re married but if he pressures you for marriage yet cannot take care of his own self, dump him because he will wreck you when you get married.

2. Those that play Nairabet/Baba Ijebu etc

Ladies, please beware of guys who are chronic gamblers especially those involved in sport betting. Some of them find it difficult to stop staking huge amounts and may end up selling the entire electronics in the house once they run out of money. A word is enough for the wise

3. The fvckboys

These ones have nothing significant to offer in a relationship except sex, they are usually the ones found bragging about how long they can last in bed. How many ladies they’ve bleeped, my dear ladies run away from this set of guys especially if you’re looking for someone serious to settle down with. Only sugar mommies find them useful.

4. Those obsessed with a flashy lifestyle

Most of the guys in this category are usually broke because no sane guy who works hard to earn his money will spend it on frivolities like gold chains, diamond ear-studs, popping bottles of champagne in Quilox. Even if he works hard to earn the money and indulges in such an ostentatious way of living, he’s bound to go broke sooner or later. Kindly dump his ass.


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