Ladies Only: 7 Things To Do When A Guy Doesn’t Like You


There are certain ways to act like a lady even when you have been rejected by a guy

The worst thing a woman can do is to react obsessively to a guy who doesn’t like. There are certain ways to act like a lady even when you have been rejected by a guy because he doesn’t share the same feelings with you.

One sided crushes could be the worst thing ever, so how can a lady get herself out of that situation.

Kiley Coleman of Binoni lists a few tips on how to handle being rejected by a guy:

Ignore him:

The most important rule when it comes to ways to react when he doesn’t like you is to make sure you forget he exists. The worst thing you can do is try and talk to him. I’m not talking about that 3 day rule of no texting or calling, I mean a good amount of weeks. Girls always get this itch to text a guy something funny we’ve thought of, or a simple question, anything just to seem like it was okay to contact him, when really he knows what your true motive is. When we see the guys we like, we usually say hi and smile, and try and come up with a creative topic. Instead, go out of your way to not speak to him. If you have to, keep it really short, no more than 3 words. If he sees you are confident enough to be rejected and not become clingy, it will help paint his view of you different in his head. Best part is it may turn the tables around and create this chase! Because what guy can imagine a girl really getting over him that fast?

Don’t be a flirt:

If you are into a guy and he doesn’t like you back, the worst thing you can do is flirt with him. All you are doing is making yourself more available to him, when your solution is to always become harder to get. Keep the body language to a minimum. That includes arm touching, turning anything he says into something sexual, and purposely trying to be around him. Rule on how to react when he doesn’t like you, keep hands and feet away from boys at all times! There is a way to communicate with him in a monotone way just by staying neutral. You’ll have no problem just by thinking of him as the creeper who is hitting on you when you go out.

Be cordial:

This relates above to the two ways to react when he doesn’t like you. There is a fine line between being a priss and being super sexual. The goal is you don’t want him to think your emotional actions have any correlation between his zero feelings for you. If he says hello, say hello back. Think of being cordial as looking in a mirror. Whatever he does, you reciprocate the same way. That doesn’t take away that ignoring him and not flirting are priorities. Just don’t make the guy think, “Wow, she’s so dramatic,” because you purposely scuff him. When men see a female angry at them they think two things: crazy girl, and they don’t want to deal with you.

Throw your guy friends in his face:

Hard truth about men, ladies, is that the other views males have of you highly affect their opinion of you. The cycle of life with boys is that if one man finds a female attractive and tells another man, it creates an approval. The next thing you know the whole group of guys are talking about you. We all know men’s basic instinct is competition, so when two or more are on the same page with a girl, the automatic “who will win” factor kicks in. When you first read this way to react when he doesn’t like you, the assumption is to make your crush jealous. But really it is for him to see you are wanted and approved by other men. Even if your crush doesn’t know it, his natural caveman instincts react.

Make yourself feel good:

Girls, of course no one likes to feel rejected. Our first thought is to jump to “I am not enough.” Instead of putting all your attention into feeling sorry for yourself and changing who you are to be liked, focus on enjoying your womanhood. If a guy doesn’t like you it usually has to do with his own stuff, unless you are “that crazy girl” I mention often in my articles. Go for a massage, a manicure/pedicure, even a nice hike for some fresh air. If you feel like crying, throw on A Walk To Remember and grab a bowl a popcorn. Anything to take your mind off that boy, and put it onto yourself in a positive light.

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