Jonathan stopped Boko Haram from taking over Nigeria —PDP

The People’s Democratic Party has on Monday 19th of January boasted that it was Jonathan’s tactics that prevented
the Boko Haram from overrunning half of the country.

The party also said it can’t gain anything from fighting the former President of Nigeria Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo because some of the People’s Democratic Party’s achievements were being recorded during his regime.
The party said if not for Jonathan’s actions and dexterity in the fight against insurgency, members of the dreaded
sect would have taken over about half of Nigeria.

As a result of him stopping the Boko Haram from overrunning half of the country the party said President Goodluck Jonathan deserved commendations from Nigerians rather than being vilified.

Mr. Olisa Metuh, who is the National Publicity Secretary of the party, said this at a press briefing in Abuja. Mr. Olisa said the problem of insecurity in the North-East should not be attributed to Goodluck Jonathan, adding that the
President had been trying to contain it.
Olisah said, “The problem that we have in the North-East to deal with is insurgency; it is not the making of
this government. This government has tried as much as possible to contain it.

“I must proclaim, every now and then, Nigerians encourage us by saying that if not for the character, candour and the personality of the President, these
insurgents would have overrun more than half of Nigeria.
“We would have been under occupation of terrorists if not for the determination, the style and the character and personality of the president.”

Explaining how Goodluck had been working to stop Boko Haram, he said
“He has been able to offer a ceasefire, dialogue and other things to engage them. He has been trying all
sorts of methods and engaging them in serious warfare and Nigerians have noted that if not for his character, Boko Haram would have overrun half of

Mr. Olisah said that the Goodluck Jonathan administration had done more than other administrations in the history of Nigeria for the people of the northern region.

Metuh said, “Jonathan’s administration has been very
fair to the North in terms of projects, political appointments and the establishment of almajiri schools which have improved education in the region.

“The present administration has done a lot more for the three zones in the North than any of the administrations before him in the areas of agriculture, education, roads, railways and many
more. Expressing optimism on the outcome of the Presidential election, come February 14, Metuh boasted that the PDP would win convincingly in the
six geo-political zones of the country.

He said, “The PDP will win in the North-West, North-Central, North-East, South-South, South-East and South-West. The All Progressives Congress will not win in any of the zones and our victory will be very convincing.”

On the activities of Obasanjo, who is believed not to be working for the PDP but the opposition (APC), Metuh said that the party would continue to appeal to him to support its candidates.

Metuh said “Concerning our leader, our Baba Obasanjo, we have big respect for him. This party gave him the ticket that brought him to power and brought him back to reckoning.

“Some of our achievements were made under Obasanjo. We can’t discuss him in the public. We will continue to urge him to support us. We want his support.”

On the gale of defections in the party, Metuh said that the party was aware that there were grievances concerning its primaries. He however urged those
that were wronged to reconsider their position and return to the People’s Democratic Party. In an emotion-laden voice, Mr. Metuh said, “I hope that
we have learnt lessons from these (primaries). We won’t celebrate those who have defected (to other political parties).”

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