Joeboy is now Wayward after making Huge money – Says Mr Eazi

The CEO of Empawa Africa in name of Mr.Eazi has took to his Twitter page to raise concerns about Joeboy’s attitude that the artist has become wayward after making a million Dollars.

Mr Eazi tweeted that “Since Joeboy made a million $ he has become wayward everyday posting pictures & licking lips trying to attract people’s Daughters” _ Mr Eazi.
Check his tweets below;

Some Yeats back, Mr.Eazi formed emPawa Africa and signed new fans favourite, Joeboy. Who is now among the hit maker and award winner in the Nigerian music scene.

The artist has found fame and fortune in the entertainment industry but it appears his boss does not appreciate some of his recent behaviours due to tension or shock of the money he made years back

Check the reactions of Mr. Easi fans below:

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