Instagram User Shares Painful Domestic Violence Story ‘Concussions, broken eye socket, teeth knocked out’

An instagram user, @marea.cache shared a heartfelt story of how she survived domestic violence.
According to her, it was a year anniversary of being out of a toxic relationship which almost took her life.

She wrote in the motivational post,

A year ago Today My life was Almost taken from me! This wouldnt have been the first traumatic situation Ive been through but by far the worst Because My actual life was up for question I was beat on for HOURS, Suffered 2 concussions! A broken eye socket, teeth knocked out ! And pistol whipped
2015/2016 Brought me to my lowest point in life! I completely gave up on myself and let a Relationship dictate my whole life, Separating me from friends and family! I was trapped, dealing with EVERYTHING by myself! Not letting anyone know what was going on because of the fear that I had over my life & the fear of judgement from others.
Every moment I got to leave (escape) I got caught and beaten. Everyday I woke up, I was mentally abused, arguments, fight after fight! It was so draining! But GOD! GOD works in mysterious ways it took me a while but I faced it . Had God not allowed my eyes to be open to this point I would have probably eventually been dead.

it wouldnt have takken another beating because a gun could have been next, one shot and I could have been gone. It has happened and Im so thankful for his grace and mercy upon me!

I mean look at me, look at his healing power, look at the growth he has put in me! The strength! Im still able to Love, Im still able to Hold my head High!! I love me Again. Im the most confident Ive ever been. Im in such a peaceful state of mind! And Im using my talents and gifts that the lord has blessed me with!

And Im choosing to be one of the voices for millions of women around the world facing the same situation who might not be as strong as me! Im here to let them know you can get help, you can speak up, SOMEONE does care! You do matter, And you can And will get THROUGH ! Keep god first and anything is possible ! Thankyou lord #2017 thankful for LIFE &New beginnings

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