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Ignatius Odunukwe Kidnappers & Killers Arrested, Corpse Recovered


Men Kidnapped, Butchered And Robbed A Chief Of His Property Worth N900M

The FCT police operatives have arrested some men for the gruesome murder of Chief Ignatius Odunukwe.

IG Odunukwe was kidnapped and murdered by these criminals pretending to be real estate buyers.

They deceived and lured him because he wanted to sell his property in Abuja for N900m. They had no intentions of buying the said property but to steal it from Chief Odunukwe using false pretense.

Immediately Chief IG Odunukwe gave them the original documents of the property. They killed him, cut his body bits by bits and disposed it in a sack bag.

However, the body was discovered by the people staying around where it was disposed and the police was alerted.

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