I didn’t criticise BET out of hostility – Yemi Alade

yemi alade
Yemi Alade

Just few days ago, we posted how Yemi Alade was one of the artists nominated for the ‘Best International Act Africa’ category took to her instagram page to Criticise BET for helding the ‘BET African Category’ before the main event. Now, here is the reason she stated after her act was seen as an act of malice.

“To be honest, we do not want to talk about the BET saga again. The reason I voiced out was because I felt Africans deserve better treatment; we put a lot of work into our craft and we deserve to be celebrated like our colleagues abroad. They should not just nominate Africans and give us our awards in private, we should also be celebrated and mix with our colleagues abroad. Beyond the ceremony and party, mingling with our colleagues at such events would also help us make new friends.

“It would be funny for people to say that my remark on social media was because I did not win the award. That would be a very wrong thought. The communication with them was not so pleasant. They made it look as if they were doing us a favour. My thought on whether I would be nominated again at the BET Awards is very simple, God blesses and not man. If God keeps blessing me, you cannot hate but join the party,” she said.

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