Husband murders wife for cheating on him

Ismaila Salau, who is the husband of Silifat Yakubu, murdered his wife by hitting her with a pestle and dumped her body in the bush. The incident which occurred at Igbele Village, Araromi Community of Badagry, Lagos state has set the silent community abuzz, because residents are yet to come to term that such calamity could happen in the area.

The husband, who is an electrician by profession returned home that day and could not find his wife at home. He waited for several hours untill his wife Silifat Yakubu returned home around 11pm. The husband got angry, pounced on his wife and used the pestle to kill her. Before that day, the couple had been having incessant quarrels over cheating allegations which the husband had been pouring on her.

Just few minutes after the wife arrived home, accusations and counter accusations arose. The husband was said to have accused his wife of adultery. Apparently blinded by rage, Salau picked a pestle and smashed it on his wife’s forehead. She died instantly. To avoid being arrested, he took the body of his wife to a thick bush and dumped her there And to divert any suspicion from himself, Salau went to police station to report that his wife was missing and personally organize a search party for her. But he was unable to fool the police when he was seen as the prime suspect and promptly detained by the homicide policemen attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department, (SCID), Yaba, Lagos.

During interrogation, Salau broke down and confessed to his crime, saying he did not intend to kill his wife. He said he was shocked and grieve strickened to discover that Silifat died after he slammed the pestle on her head. He said that because he was confused and did not know what to do, he waited till midnight to move the body.

“When it was midnight, I dragged her body into the bush and left it there. Two days later, I went to the police to report that Silifat was missing. Before I went to the police, I organised a search party. The search party was led by the Baale of our village.”

But due to conflicting statements by Salau, it easy to link him to the disappearance of his wife because before the search party was organized, he had told Silifat’s elder brother that she had travelled for a business trip and would be back after three days. It was after the brother left that Salau told people around that his wife Silifat was missing.

The search party eventually found Silifat’s body in the bush but the people became suspicious when they noticed bruises and injuries on her body. A police source narrated how it was easy to pick up Salau:

“After discovering the body in the bush, the husband was invited to come and identify the corpse. But Salau said the body was not that of his wife. Before then, Salau had gone home to destroy all evidences that could reveal what transpired on the fateful day he killed his wife. The Baale later invited police after the brutalised body of Silifat was discovered in the bush. Salau was eventually arrested under the suspicion that he knew more than he was telling the people. Salau’s story of his missing wife did not tally with the story he told Silifat’s brother that she travelled. Under the heat of interrogation, Salau caved in.

He alleged that Silifat was dating too many men. He told the police that before now, they had been having serious misunderstanding over her infidelity. The suspect reluctantly told police how he killed his wife and attempted to conceal the act.”

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