How To Spot Broke Girls Trying Too Hard To Impress

broke girls

1) when you take them out, they bring out their phones and start snapping the food: what the hell is that? Are you that hungry? Can’t you have some decorum in public?

They act as though they have never seen an exotic dish in their full life.

Next thing is to start looking for nylon to wrap the meat with the excuse that they can’t finish it.

When it comes to using cutlery they flop, you see them battling with the knife and fork.

Some would put the fork on the right hand and still be feeling cool. Smh

2) They spend so much on makeup: yes with empty pockets yet they buy very expensive makeup. A friend bought a mac powder for 13k recently and was begging me to lend her money, who does that?

What’s the point using iman, mac, inglot, sleek, orekelewa etc when you can’t pay your rent or eat properly.

They always make mouth about using expensive makeups, don’t let that deceive you, they are broke!!!

3) They go to expensive restaurants in group: 6girls on a table with a bottle of sprite and a plate of steak meat in a bad ass place like Dplace Lekki, When they see you placing orders and swiping your card with ease they feel intimidated.

You can’t compare someone who leaves the house 5am everyday to work their ass off to you who spends your time chatting and doing nothing! A miracle can’t happen.

4) They use really expensive phones: if i’m in a ladies hangout and you trying to impress me with your phone, I look at your hair, your handbag, your nails, your vocabulary, how you comport yourself, how you eat, what you wearing…..if all these added makes 10percent outa 100 sorry you trying too hard to fit in, you are broke!


5) They always snap pics in cars and hotel bathrooms: if I dare see multiple hotels pics as your dp, I delete that person instantly.

A hotel bathroom isn’t an office, the front seat of cars isn’t an investment.

Taking selfies in cars doesn’t make you posh, how about owning one yourself? Quit the childish act today, thank me later.

6) They use fake leg chains: sorry babe if your leg chain ain’t gold, you are broke! You can’t be sampling a gutter used leg chain you bought from balogun and be acting big.

By the way has your leg chain helped you? Those 5 piercings you’v got in your ears have they connected you?

Did you decorate those piercings with gold earrings or cheap metals? Better look for a way to seal them up.

7) They worship boyfriends: sorry a relationship is cute and all but you can’t be jobless and idle and be talking about boo, boyfriend, man crush 247.

What do you bring to the table? Boobs and ass? A good fvck? Thrashy! Trust me, he would dump you for a lady who has focus. Build your pocket first before a relationship!


ehm! please every male that read this must share it o, let’s expose them!! ‘Share and save a soul’ lol

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