How to perfectly give “The Job”

How to give a blow job

There have been many articles on the art of blow job, but that can never be exhausted can it? And the skill needs to be perfected doesn’t it?

MEN here are your notes, get your mouth…sorry, pen ready

Some women find it hard to concentrate while they are getting “head”. They cant seem to have their head (the real one now) in a place and this stops them from enjoying the whole act of oral sex. If your woman is like this, turn off the light and enjoy your “invisible oral” or better still close her eyes or both of you can agree to blindfold her. So much fun and…orgasm is the payoff.

Many women complain that they have a hard time getting off when he’s down south because he uses too little pressure. suck on her clitoris instead – it’s more intense

Being stimulated in multiple areas will help 
a woman climax more quickly. So, while your tongue is at work, play with her nipples. To start, softly stroke her. As she gets closer, you can squeeze.

WOMEN, start to learn…

A unique way to give his frenulum – aka “the F-spot”, or the small strip of skin on the underside of his shaft – is to pay it some special attention. Place the tip of your finger on it, then take his shaft (along with your finger) into your mouth. As you move your mouth up and down, rub your finger over the F-spot. Penis genius

The hole in the tip of his penis is super-sensitive. Stick the tip of your tongue on that spot and apply medium pressure. It’s such a specific place, he probably doesn’t even realise it has feel-good potential, so he’ll love that you’ve discovered it.

The ridge of his penis – where the tip meets the shaft – is very sensitive to touch. Cover your teeth with your lips and place them around that ridge like a vice. Apply firm pressure – equivalent to what you’d use to squeeze fruit – then release and repeat. The movement perks up the nerves, then lets them relax, which 
can feel really good

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