How to have S*x with your friend without complications

How To Have Sex With A Friend Without Complications

The most difficult thing for men these days is moving from the ‘friend zone’ to the ‘having s*x zone’ especially if the friend in question is a hottie that you’ve spent good time fantasising about having s*x with. If you’re one of the naughty guys who’s keen on having s*x with one of your hot female friends, here’s a step to step guide to follow.

Why Have S*x With Your Friend?

I doubt if there’s any man out there that hasn’t had a friend that’s sexy enough for them to think of having s*x with. Seriously, there are times it feels good to be bad especially when you’d be crossing boundaries. More so, in these days where hormones are raging faster than they are produced, it’s difficult to stay single and off potentially available friends when almost everyone around you is in love.

More so, friends share everything lovers share except perhaps for physical intimacy which is something you’re looking for right?

Doing The Deed With Your Friend

Female friends are always there to cheer us up, hang out with or lift our spirit when the chips are down. They also help to cure our boredom while providing that comfort of a friend you can tell anything as opposed to someone you’re dating. But they can sure cheer you up in bed too if they’re hot and you have sparks flying around.

We have a lot of one night stands and s*xual relationships these days and bringing to the fore your carnal or lustful desires shouldn’t be much of a problem. It can start with something as basic as a hug which can lead to heavy petting. At this stage, sharing a drink or two with her can do a lot to loosen both her stiffness and yours and giving you a clearer direction of the way to your bedroom for the desired lustful lovemaking.

Making Your Friend Your S*x Buddy

Now you’ve had sex and you’re wondering if that singular act will change all the years of friendship or if you both will take it in stride and maintain a cool ‘s*x-buddy’ relationship. The fact is that if you both decide to become s*x buddies, you’d both continually share uninhibited physical intimacy, with no strings attached! If you’re up for this, you’d have to understand that both you and your friend are allowed to hang out with other people. The honest truth is that friends have always had sex with friends from time immemorial but it’s something people have always shied away from talking about.

With the increase in work hours and people that are potentially unavailable for relationships, the prospect of friends just hoping to have s*x with a friend or friends just rubbing the shoulders is enticing to say the least. It’s no longer strange to have one night stands and believe it or not, having s*x with friends is here to stay.

Booty Calls

Now you’ve attained the legendary status of ‘s*x-buddies’ and you’re now at the booty call stage where you call your friend exclusively for the sole purpose of having s*x. The best time to initiate these calls is when they are bored and craving some sort of fun after a long boring day. It may also be that they are also in the mood for some booty call experience. Whichever way it is, the best time for this is at night and after a couple.of drinks. Or perhaps, they too just want to have sex with a friend. The booty call stage with your friend is one that you should be

careful about since you already have an idea what their body looks like and the chances of you getting a sexually transmitted infection is less but things can quickly spiral out of control with either of you wanting to move things into the relationship zone. It’s best to keep things simple and devoid of complications by setting out rules at this stage.

Now that you understand how to go about it, are you up to having s*x with your friend? Don’t be shy, kindly drop your comment below.

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