Hilarious Posters! Which of These Church Crusades Would You Want to Attend? [PHOTOS]

Nigerian churches are known to be very dramatic with their themes whenever there is a program or crusade coming up. Listed are some of the most hilarious we have seen.

Church in Nigeria

The buzz that usually comes with the dramtic themes which churches adopt in Nigeria to make their church programs appear more grand and appealing usually requires them designing their banners in an equally dramatic and rather weird fashion.
Below are some some of the most dramatic and rather hilarious themes and posters we have seen. Which one will you attend?

Church poster

Church poster2

Church poster2

Church poster3

Church poster4

Church poster5

Church poster6

Church poster7

Church poster8

Church poster10

Church poster9

Church poster11

Church poster12

Church poster13

Church poster14

Church poster15

Church poster16

Church poster17

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