4 Tips On How To Have A Bigger Bum in 2017

Need a bigger bum? This post is for you!

How to have a big bum

Having an attractive bigger bum is what mostly all ladies do crave for. Here are tips on How To Have A Bigger Bum:

Exercise really is the safest and greatest way to build a killer butt or to get bigger hips. Start with lying down and raising your heels, repeat this like 20 times every day. You could also try squatting for same amount of times. If you want a faster result you can do this twice daily.

You should start eating more of Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates and Vegetables, make sure you also exercise so you don’t add extra flabs around your stomach and laps.

Though I don’t advise this, you can get some meds to help, i can’t recommend any but you can speak to your doctor. If you have any idea please reply to this topic.

If all the three above doesn’t work for you, go Yaba go buy butt pad, you can wear it with your clothes and nobody will know. Abi? Lol

Do you know of any method? Kindly drop it by making use of the comment box below.

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