For Guys – See 5 signs you have a healthy Sperm
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For Guys – See 5 signs you have a healthy Sperm


You will need to have a medical check up session with your health provider to be accurately sure that things are fine with your semen. However, these scientific signs do suggest that you have a healthy $perm.

You are fit

Actually, you don’t even have to boast a six-pack – as long as you don’t have a gut (protruding belly), your semen is probably in tip-top shape.

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Researchers from the Netherlands found that men with a waist circumference of 40 inches or greater had lower $perm concentrations and counts of normal-moving $perm than guys with a more whittled waist. It is believed that carrying too much weight – especially around your midsection – may interfere with the release of [email protected]:’ hormones, as well as the production and development of $perm.

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