Guys Only: 10 Ways To Get Heads Turning With A Casual Look

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It can be a little annoying for you when you want to dress better but the styles you see do not appeal to you. All you have in mind is a way to make a good first impression on people you meet on every normal day of your life. You want to be better dressed in a version of you that loves to keep it casual. Here are 7 style tips to get heads turning at your casual look.

Drop The Graphic Shirts


A casual dress sense doesn’t mean you should go with the boyish graphic T-shirts. There are lots of options to replace those graphic Tees you loved so much in your boyish days. Graphic Shirts don’t make you look funny or original as people tend to associate such shirts with men that refused to grow up. The fact is you want to look like a Man, and the best way to cut that look is drop your graphic shirts. You can instead opt for stripe T shirts which will make you look sharper. In the alternative, go for polo shirts.

Rock Free And Good Jeans


Jeans have always been the ideal casual wear which can look cool provided you’re wearing the right pair. The go-to casual legwear for any guy is a pair of jeans. You should avoid wearing baggy jeans which would make you you want pull up your jeans every two seconds. Your ideal jeans should stay up even without the help of a belt. Furthermore, avoid ripped jeans or those that come with big logos. You can instead go for a clean sky blue or dark-blue pair that fits your body.

Be Mature

Aiming to look juvenile with your casual outfit is a disaster in the making. Maturity is one thing that attracts people to men and it separates the Men from the boys. A mature dress sense commands respect and eschews your masculinity. This is not to say you should dress like a 50 year old (except you are), it simply means you should avoid dressing like a teenager, unless you’re one.

Adorn Your Wrists


A good casual look that will have heads turning is incomplete without nice wrist accessories to go with it.
You can wear a watch, a leather bracelet, or both. This helps to accentuate your outfit. Doesn’t matter what you wear, but wear something on there.

Make Your Footwear Classy


Wearing a dirty beat up sneakers will ruin whatever good outfit you have on. Go for a more dignified footwear that would be noticed more by people around you. And don’t think people don’t notice your shoes. Women are particularly into men who wear good footwear which shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. You can choose to wear a pair of loafers instead of sneakers which would make you look sharper.

If you want a completely informal look, you can choose to go for a pair of dessert boots which are very much informal the the loafers. They are very comfortable and ideal for the casual look.

Ignore Fashion Trends


In the process of trying to dress well, a lot of men tend to follow fashion trends. The truth however is that fashion trends are only meant for people obsessed with fashion and not the everyday kind of guy. But the fashion world is only good for guys obsessed with fashion.

Instead, you can focus on getting good clothes that will look good on you. Choose accessories that will remain stylish a decade from now instead of trendy pieces that will go out of vogue sooner than you expect. Focus on getting classic clothes that will look good all year round. Focus on timeless pieces that will still be stylish ten years from now. Focus on looking classy and stylish before you worry about looking trendy.

Layer Your Dull Colours Well


Men naturally love toned down colours which may be very uninteresting. To give those colours life, you may want to consider adding a layer. This can be done with simple clothes to give a more interesting look. Plain colours should be mixed up with at least one bright colour to provide a sharp and appealing look.

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