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Sex and Lifestyle

GUYS: These are 12 BIG Signs You Are in Love With a $ex Addict

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Are you in love with a s*x addict? These very obvious signs will clear the doubts that you’ve had before.


Internet p*rnography and the ease of connecting with someone online has allowed for individual’s $ex addiction to skyrocket in both men and women. One of the most common justifications $exual addicts make for their obsession is, “No one gets hurt.”
On the contrary, here are 12 ways this addiction to self-love harms the addicts’ family, whether it’s through physical or emotional abuse; both the spouse and children are affected.
1. They lie and sneak around.
$exual addicts are masters at using “weasel words” for legalistic evasion of being caught in a lie. They tell just a little bit of truth to create a completely false impression. Then if they get caught, they harp on the smidgeon of technical truth to accuse their mate of not remembering correctly or misunderstanding.
They also keep at their disposal a ready supply of accusations to hurl at a mate who gets too close to uncovering their secrets (i.e. “You’re just jealous,” “You’re overreacting,” “Everyone will think you’re crazy if they hear you say that,” or “You just don’t trust me”).
A formerly intelligent partner may quickly be reduced to a shaking bowl of Jell-O by the skillful verbal manipulation of an emotionally adulterous spouse. $exual addicts master this “crazy-making” technique as they slide deeper into their compulsive addiction. Experienced counselors know that what the addict says may or may not be true.
2. They sometimes abuse alcohol or drugs as well.
$exual addicts often deliberately use alcohol and drugs to numb their thinking and to excuse themselves for doing activities they lack the courage to do when sober. In other words, addicts might consciously recognize the danger of $exually transmitted diseases if they picked up a prostitute. But if they go to a bar for drinks and pick up a stranger, they fulfill their wish for illicit $exual contact.
However, their consciences don’t hold them accountable for the consequences, because they were drinking or using drugs. Thus, $exual addicts often seek alcohol and drugs on an unconscious level to justify moving into deeper addiction.
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