Girl disgraced for stealing iPhone6 in Uniben Hostel [PHOTOS]
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Girl disgraced for stealing iPhone6 in Uniben Hostel [PHOTOS]



See what happened when a young 200 Level student of the University of Benin stole a Phone allegedly belonging to her girlfriend in BDPA. It all happened when her friend started looking for her iPhone6 phone for over 3 hours and could not find it. The girl was later asked if she saw an iPhone6 Phone of which she denied taking.

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While the discussion went on, the phone rang and she refuse picking it, it rang again and again until her friend insisted she pick it, but she refused until argument started which led to neighbors coming to the scene. The phone was later discovered and the boys around removed her clothing and started abusing her body and snapping pictures.

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This should serve as lesson to those who still dwell in this kind of act… kindly drop your own view on this issue by making use of the comment box below.

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  1. What d guys did was very wrong dey should av just taken her to the police station. It will teach others too a lesson.

  2. It is called human right abuse. How can people leave matured lady unclad like that. Before any step is taken, she must firstly be reported to the police instead of disgracing and exposing her private part in the public

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