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Get up again – By Ojo Mayowa

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get up again by ojo mayowa

All of us have had traumas in our life. Granted, some seem much bigger than others and we can all sing the “wish me well” song.

I believe these challenges are sent so we can learn how to get back up. They are to show us how much courage we do already have within us.

Some people have huge stumbling blocks or traumas at a young age, some in later years. If you look back in your life and see darkness, I implore you to look more closely.

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You are able to look back – aren’t you?
You are still here,
Living PROOF that you were ABLE to Get Back Up.

Bless the dark areas and thank them for the strength that you now have within you to face the next one. Without darkness we cannot recognize the light. Walk in the light and bless the darkness. This way the new light will touch everything past and everything yet to come…

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Burdens can weigh you down if you let them engulf you – so don’t.

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