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Female suicide bombers killed byown explosives in Borno…



suicide bomber
Two women apparently on a suicide bombing mission got killed by their own devices after failing to get a vehicle to take them to Damaturu, Yobe state capital, Eyewitnesses said.

The incident, which happened at Ngamdu village, however, led to the death of two travelers, who were standing in close proximity to the suspected bombers as they waited for a bus to convey them to Damaturu, some 35km away.

Witnesses said the two women who showed up in Ngamdu village both looked strange.

According to one witness, who pleaded anonymity, a discerning bus driver whom the women flagged down to convey them to Damaturu, suddenly, became suspicious after observing how unkempt they both looked and quickly declined by pretending that he was not getting as far as Damaturu.

“Some of us were slightly suspicious when we saw them, but we felt they may not be what we suspected them to be”, said the witness.

He continued: “But when the driver stopped by to pick them, he later changed his mind and said he was not going as far as Damaturu; that he would only get to the next village about 5km ahead and then turn back to Maiduguri. One of the women who looked desperate insisted they should join the driver so that he could take them back to Maiduguri so that theey could get a vehicle from there to Damaturu because they had waited all day without getting a vehicle, The driver declined and drove off; but we all knew the driver was actually going to Damaturu.

“Minutes after the driver had left them, one of the women tried to move a bit then we heard an explosion which instantly killed her and her colleague as well as two other innocent travellers who were also waiting for a bus. Seconds later, another bomb exploded from the body of the other woman who was with the first suicide bomber. That was when we realised that the women were actually on a mission to kill in Damaturu”.

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