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Fashola apologises, seeks understanding on policies.

The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, says those that are offended by his method of administering the state in the last eight years should forgive him, adding that there is no way he could have got everything right.

Fashola, during an event to mark his 2,900 days in office in Ikeja on Thursday, said the decisions he took in his eight years in office were taken in the best interest of Lagos.
He said, “We are preparing for a change of baton, but without the support of the residents of Lagos ─ your taxes, understanding and perseverance, honest criticism and prayers ─ we may not have come this far.
“Our incoming governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, will need more of the support that you gave to me. I urge you to stand very firmly with his team.
“To those that I might have offended, I apologise. For 2,900 days, I was called to make decisions every hour. I made decisions through the treatment of millions of files on issues affecting residents of Lagos.
“I took those decisions in the best interest of the state. And they were taken based on the facts as presented to me.
“To those that we haven’t reached, please bear with us, the work will never finish. And I am sure that our new governor will continue from where I stopped.”
Fashola called on Nigerians to join him in appealing to lecturers at the Lagos State University to sheath their swords in the interest of the students and parents who had made financial commitments to their children and wards.
He said the Vice Chancellor of the varsity, Prof. John Obafunwa, incurred the wrath of the lecturers because they wanted to determine who would become the school’s VC.
He said it was not the prerogative of LASU lecturers to determine when or when not to remove the VC, adding that their duty was to teach the students.
Fashola said, “The problem is internal. All the workers employed by the state were employed to administer that university. And that is what they are paid for. We will intervene from time to time.
“Some of the crisis affecting the institution is that some people are demanding that they want to decide when to remove and replace the VC. And that isn’t their prerogative.
“Their responsibility is to teach our children and not to choose the VC. And this happens whenever the tenure of the VC of the institution is about to come to an end; that is when the crisis starts.
“And people have told me that I should change the rules on the tenure of the VC to make them spend one term. And I said the law that I met allows me to have a VC for two terms.
“Why should I remove a VC after his first term? If it turns out that he is a good VC, why should he not spend the second term? Why should I throw away someone who is good because you are in a hurry to become a VC? That is part of the problem.”
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