EXPOSED: Buhari planning to turn Nigeria into Islamic country – Fayose

The Governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose has recently accused the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for turning Nigeria into an Islamic country he also further expressed his thought by saying; Nigeria is a free society which can’t be turned by President Muhammadu Buhari or anybody into an Islamic state.


He also said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) deceived Nigerians so as to steal the inheritance of the people and maintained that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would unfailingly reclaim the Presidency in 2019.

He, also decried the current economic situation in the country, regretting that such was the type of change promised Nigerians by the APC-led government.

“I will continue to threaten political armed robbers. I will stand firm against those who use guns to steal votes.” Fayose said.

What is your view on this? Could it be true that President Buhari wants to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state? Please use the comment box below and lets hear your say on this issue.


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