Er0tic Story: Jessica and Her New S*x Toy

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)

Jessica and Her New S*x Toy

It was with relief that Jessica entered her bedroom and closed the door behind her. All day, she had been horny and obsessed with s*xy thoughts.
Actually, she has been h0rny almost every day for the past two weeks. She could not deny the fact that this coincided with the new colleague that just joined the staff at her workplace. She had the biggest crush on him and wanted badly to f*ck him one day.
He was nice and friendly enough, especially to her because she was the first to introduce herself after she felt her p*ssy give a gentle tingle on sighting him. He had kept to himself mostly, though, and Fatima had no clue how to express her feelings to him. So this meant she spent all day daydreaming about fucking him and nights tossing and turning while having s*xual thoughts of him.
This was about to change, though, because three days ago, she placed an order for the biggest dildo she could find and her package arrived that day. As she entered her room that evening, she immediately ripped open her package. She let out a moan as she spotted the long, thick, chocolate coloured dildo. This will have to do until she got the nerve to ask for the cock she wanted, she thought, as she stroked the length.
She took off her clothes but for some reason, she decided to take her new toy to the shower. After setting the dildo down, she stepped under the running water and began rubbing her body. She moaned as her hands covered her breasts and she gently gave them a squeeze. Despite the cool water cascading down her body, she felt herself heating up.
Using her thumb, she flicked both n!pples at the same time, exciting herself and causing her to get even more turned on. She turned odd the shower and brought her hands further down, gently caressing her body as she went.
She stopped when she got close to her p*ssy. It was time for the dildo to get busy. She picked it up and began rubbing it over the thick fur that concealed her heat. Stroking a little further down each time, barely touching her throbbing clit with the head of the cock in her hand. She reached down with her other hand, slipping her fingers between her lips, and spreading them wide. Her hole was already wet and her fingers eagerly sort its hot depth.
Coating her fingers in the thick juices, she covered her clit, making it slippery and smooth. Slowly she moved the dildo over her clit, holding it there and allowing the sensation to spread deeper through her pulsing centre. She could feel herself starting to build, so with slow movements, she rubbed the cock back and forward over her wet clit, bringing her juice covered fingers to her lips and sucking them.
Her p*ssy cried out for the hard cock, but not yet. She took her time, building herself up until she felt she was about to lose control. She could wait no more. Pushing the brown cock deep inside her hot p*ssy, she began f*cking herself with a vengeance. Driving the cock harder and harder into herself, faster and faster. With a cry, the orgasm hit her with an intensity she had not enjoyed in a very long while.
Pulling the cock slowly from her pulsing hole, she could feel her pussy walls contracting, and throbbing, the juices running down her legs. She rubbed the hard cock over her pulsing clit and hole, milking her orgasm for all it was worth, and riding the wave to the very end.
She brought the cum-covered dildo to her mouth and suck its length, wishing it was her new coworker. She wondered if she would ever get the chance to express her need or if she was doomed to continue f*cking herself until she got over him.
Setting her toy aside, she rested, her breath shallow, and her head spinning. She could not believe how hard she had just cum.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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