End Time: Commercial S*x Workers Begging Men to Have S*x with Them for a Plate of Cornmeal Due to Hardship

A shocking trend has left many people baffled as prostitutes are now begging men to have s*x with them just for food.


The economic hardship in some places is becoming a source of worry as prostitutes are now forcing men to have s*x with them for a plate of sadza (cornmeal) in Mataga Growth Point area of Mberengwa in Zimbabwe.
the s*x workers disclosed that they have been forced into the unusual style because they go for days without meals and business is not booming anymore.
A plate of sadza cost 40cents at Mataga Growth Point. The desperate s*x workers left guests shell-shocked when they recently hired a kombi (bus) to go and parade their services at an agricultural field day at Inyala.
“Ukatowana anokutengera sadza wototi mudzimu yandida musi iwoyo (If you find someone who buys you sadza, you have to thank your ancestral spirits for giving you a good fortune),” said Chipo Zhou popularly known as ‘Mai Nona’.
Speaking in separate interviews during a visit at Mataga the s*x workers said living conditions have become unbearable that they can now offer a one night stand just for a plate of sadza.
They said business has dwindled at Mataga due to the economic meltdown and they would sometimes sleep on empty stomachs. Further investigation shows that the s*x workers are living in squalor with five of them sharing one room and paying $10 a month each. The rooms are actually found in run-down and abandoned shops.
Their business has also been severely affected by an influx of girls who are dropping out of school because of economic hardships. The number of cross border traders who used to board a train to Mozambique at Ngungumbane about 10 km from Mataga has also sharply dropped thereby shrinking the market for s*x workers.
“We used to have a hype of business from traders at Ngungumbane but things have changed. You can board a commuter for $1 to Ngungumbane and fail to secure a client there,” said Theresa Siziba, a s*x worker.

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