EASY VIRTUE–Written by Adeyinka Hassan {GeneralChan}

They are the guilty party who lack guilty of conscience & have not been conscience striken for once. You see them in every junction; they are dressed-but-naked ladies who abound in the society, of which they are cheapo.

Some see them as good beings, but i see them as scruffs. they really are bags of scums & fags.

Some of them do it because of their cupidity, they go around having paramour with men of solvency, all in the name of money. Some do it because they can’t control theirselves, so i asked “what of those living in chastity?!”.

Some say “they will change in the future”, so I asked “were you promised the future?”. The future is now, delay is dangerous! that you abstain now is better for you. Lust desires must be deviated from with a great deviation.

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