– Durodola, Abiola EPORTAH

Many a times I wonder what Nigerian Students would have done to deserve bad treatment in the hands of the government (both Federal and State), Lecturers, and some individuals in the university system. Over time, Nigerian students who have not only being victim to bad and decandent education system that was bequeathed on us as a result of bad system of government, students in numbers continue to lose breathe in the same process.

The news of the dead coppers in Kano and Zamfara struck my inner core, and my heart grow sore anytime I remember the agony and pain their parents and friends are thrown into as a result of their demise. It is sardonic that the Nigeria government never listen to plight of the masses but rather derive joy in adding the injury of the common man who find it hard to come by his daily bread.

Hospitals are not well equiped, salaries are yet to be paid, education is now quantitative rather than been qualitative, roads are now death trap while the Senetors who sleep our hallowed chambers also smile home with jumbo salaries and allowances at the expense of the masses the people they are representing. What we call universities these days are nothing but glorified slums, with blighted hall of residence, dilapidated and congested lecture halls, ill-equipped laboratories, lack of access to safe water supplies, poor sanitary and sewage conditions, poor toilet facilities, bedbug-infested hostels, over crowded class rooms and so on. I wonder if our politician are never ashamed of parading thier pot belly stomach and disgraceful faces around all in the name of the representing the people when no Nigerian university can even feature in first 700 in the world and first 15 in Africa.

The political class has failed us yet we run around to campaign for them when election comes, I think it high the youth got it and make wise and clever decisions. They have no value for public schools because their children don’t attend such schools, this is evident when the Oyo State government introduced fees to public primary and secondary schools in the stae, while Osun state government have also joined in the commercialization of the public education.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso have been on a protracted strike for over six month now and yet the two strong headed state governors have not devise a means to solve this problem. The future of over 10,000 students have been mortgaged by the criminially liable leadership of two governors who claimed to be progressives thereby making me to wonder what fit them rather than “Retrogressives”. Future of scores of people are been hold to ransome by this failure that parade our political landscape while days and months have gone by without hearing a good result on this issue, their children continue to enjoy themselves in Ivy League Universities. Maybe ASUU should stop been hypocritical and fight justly and not for their own pocket.

The death of miss Oladepo Ifedolapo continue to trouble my heart as the news seems to be everywhere on social media. The NYSC officials in the camp should be dealt with and used as a scape goat for others who engaged in this draconic act, what is even the essence of scheme when youths die every year during their course of service because of the inhumane and wicked act of the officials. There are have been many cases of students in many universities in the country where students die because of the lacadaissical attitude of the health workers and the management. This must stop and drastic actions must be taken by relevant stakeholders and students through agitation, the sleeping pensioners who parade themselves as student leaders in National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) should stop runnning after politicians for money and protect the interest of Nigerian students and save our Education system from final collapse.

Durodola, Abiola EPORTAH
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.


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