Could this be love? Read the True Story behind Valentine's Day photo that went viral

The lady had the words: “Feb ’14 I Love
F**king You Ayomide Mi” written on her T-shirt,
and she appeared to be happily posing in the pix

On February 14, 2015, a young lady’s picture went viral on social media because of the inscription, on the T-shirt she wore.

The lady had the words: “Feb ’14 I Love F***king You Ayomide Mi” written on her T-shirt, and the lady appeared to be happily posing for the photograph.

Many people didn’t find it quite amusing, and
before long, the photo had gone viral. The boyfriend of the lady in question how ever, released a press statement to, explain
his own side of the story. Read it below:

“Gret people of Nigeria, I presume I need no further introduction when I say I am the Ayomide you all have been engrossed with knowing over the past couple of days. This is the statement you all have been waiting for…

“On the 14th of February, my fiancee and I
decided to go out as we, usually do, albeit with
the touch of something unique.

“A couple of days earlier we had sent out shirts
to be branded with the words “I f***cking Love
You” and our names written on it…and it came
back on Valentine morning with a slight error
which I believe you all have seen. Deciding
against dropping our plans because of a
misplaced word, we went to treat ourselves on
that special day.

“Taking pictures is a routine thing for us, so we
paid 4 a studio photo session…unknown to us,
we had a lover-less and jobless follower who
needed to score cheap popularity and made it
his unsolicited duty to take pictures of us during
parts of our photoshoot, thereby ruining a
perfect Feb 14.

“@TytbonesCEO , now you have your popularity,
can we get back to our lives before your
unwarranted intrusion?

“Nigerians, thank you for your time, tweets,
posts, comments and all. However, I do think its
about time you left us to our beautiful lives, and
moved on with your individual lives…

“We’re still coming back into the spotlight soon
enough, and then you can have your fill of yours,
but not before we are ready for it, and not for
the wrong reasons…definitely not for a lousy
printing error AYOMIDE”

So, there you go. It was actually an error but she
decided to ride along with it for the sake of their

What do you guys think? If you were in her shoes, would have gone ahead to wear a T-shirt with this kind of error or would you rather change your plans?

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