Check out the six most sensitive parts of a Lady

5 sensitive part

5 sensitive part


A woman’s body as sensual as it is, has some exclusive spots a man could hit on. Women enjoy the stimulation of this spots during foreplay or S3@Xx:’.

Reaching an or.g@$m isn’t limited to penile penetration alone, a woman’s body could be touched and fondled in so many ways she would reach an or.g@$m before the main act.

These spots are called erogenous zones and a woman is bound to experience some sort of sensation when it is being reached before or during intercourse. Remember that being able to pleasure a woman is about knowing your onions when it comes to the woman body and your S3@Xx:’ual skills.


Find below some of the or.g@$ms women have and where is their soft spots:

1. n!ppIIe or.g@$m

Most women get extremely turned on when their breasts are being fondled. Sucking the already tout n!ppIIes of an aroused woman would not only take her to cloud nine, it would leave her rocking there. Some women hit or.g@$m when their n!ppIIes are stimulated and touched.

Stimulation of the n!ppIIes cause an arousal of the clitoris and genital areas. You may want to slow down on the penetration aspect; touch your woman here and watch her face contort into seamless expressions.

2. Cl!t@rAl or.g@$m

This is what is known to many people; men and women. Stimulation of the Cl!t@rAl peak makes most women climax. Although it may not last as much as the V@.g!n@l or.g@$ms, it would definitely send ripples of waves to every part of the woman’s body.


Some penetrative S3@Xx:’ positions favor Cl!t@rAl stimulation. The fingers or tongue could be used in stimulating the clitoris.

However, intense Cl!t@rAl stimulation could make the woman have an explosive or.g@$m that may leave her tired before you are ready to penetrate. Therefore, it would better to play around the clitoris in order to maximize the S3@Xx:’ual experience.

3. V@.g!n@l entrance or.g@$m

The V@.g!n@ is filled with lots of nerve endings. The area is so sensitive an aroused woman could have an or.g@$m by clamping her thighs together. Women could have more than one or.g@$m depending on the intensity; the entrance of the V@.g!n@l could be played with by making circular patterns around the nerve filled zone by rubbing the tip on the penis around the erogenous zone.

The sensation obtained here is quite different from what would is obtained inside the walls of the V@.g!n@. Inside, the or.g@$m experienced by the women is more explosive, it rocks their entire bodies.

4. G-spot or.g@$m

Finding the G-spot of a woman during foreplay is like unlocking the next level of a game. The G-spot was originally called Grafenberg spot, after the scientist who discovered it. It is an area in the V@.g!n@, close to the entrance and located on the upper wall under the pubic bone.

This spot is best discovered when a woman is being fingered. Inserting the index or middle finger into the V@.g!n@ would help locate this spot and cause a woman to have an or.g@$m. The or.g@$m here lasts longer and the pleasure decreases slowly. Also, there could be the release of fluids from the V@.g!n@ or the urethra when a woman experiences an intense or.g@$m from this spot.


5. @.n.@l or.g@$m

For people who like to explore from time to time, @.n.@l S3@Xx:’ may be an option. Although the anus is filled with nerves, the anus could cause a woman to have series of or.g@$ms when a lubricant is applied. Using the fingers, dildo or a penis to stimulate the anus could make a woman shudder with pleasure and have an or.g@$m in the process.

However, you should be careful not to touch the V@.g!n@ with anything that has been into the anus in order to reduce the risk of an infection.

6. Throat or.g@$m

Women have throat or.g@$ms most times they practice fellatio. Blow-jobs and sucking of the male genital organ could cause some ladies to have or.g@$ms. These or.g@$ms are related to the arousal of the pituitary gland at the back of the throat.

Some women pause to catch their breadth when they are giving head because the or.g@$m may be too strong for them to continue. A throat or.g@$m is pleasurable and could make the women to make strong sounds. Although most women believe they are doing their partners a favor by sucking them or giving them blow jobs; many women also benefit from this.

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