CBN Reduces Naira-Dollar Forex Rate

governer of central bank

Nigerians Central Bank adjusted its exchange rate peg to
N196.95 to the dollar from the 197 it set in February after
the currency’s value was erode by the fall in oil prices,
data on the website of the CBN shown yesterday.

The bank adjusted the rate at which it sold hard currency this week, dealers said, noting that the change was too small to be considered a revaluation for the naira, particularly in the face of dwindling foreign reserves.
Dealers said the central bank had been selling dollars to the
inter-bank market at its adjusted rate. The naira was
trading at 198.95 to the dollar on the inter-bank market and
between 215 to 218 in the parallel market.

“By lowering the central bank rate offered to banks albeit very moderately, the central bank is adding to pressures on FX reserves … equivalent to around 4.9 months of imports,”

Angus Downie, head of research at Ecobank said.
Nigeria’s foreign reserves fell to $29.4 billion by June 2,
down 20.1 percent from a year ago as the central bank
burns cash to defend the local currency. The bank merged
its bi-weekly currency auctions market with the interbank
market in February and fixed the exchange rate, a move that
amounted to a de facto devaluation of the currency of
Africa’s biggest economy.
The regulator had also banned commercial lenders from re-
selling central bank dollars among themselves, which was
an attempt to curb speculation on the naira. The naira Non-
Deliverable Forwards – currency derivatives traded offshore
– pointed to the local currency being priced at 221-225 to
the greenback in six month’s time.

“Small changes in the rate could possibly allow the central bank to gauge the changes in demand and supply dynamics which would inform decisions on when and how best to start lifting forex restrictions,”

Cobus de Hart of South Africa’s NKC Independent Economists aid.


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