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God has blessed every one of us with an amazing body. But in order to look more beautiful, we subject our bodies to various cosmetic surgeries which are harmful and may cause disastrous effects.

There is a very sad story of Andressa Urach, a 27-year-old model from Brazil whose booty came second in the Miss BumBum beauty contest. She spent a month in intensive care, in the constant fear of losing her leg after fillers from her buttocks surgery rotted and triggered a life-threatening infection.

This is what her leg looked like when she was in the hospital.

Andressa Urach had a promising career as a TV presenter and a model.


After plastic surgery, her leg started to hurt.

The filler material injected into her tight and bottom had started to rot inside her body.

The girl underwent surgery. Then she was under observation in the hospital for a month.

There was a serious danger!

She is healthy now, but has learned a lot about the dangers of plastic surgery.

“I hope that these wounds at least serve as a warning to other women,” she said.

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