‘Billionaires hustle most while people who don’t have live like billionaires’ _ Basketmouth

Basketmouth revealed that billionaires hustle more while an average man lives like a billionaire.

He revealed this in aninterview, when responding to a question on how he discovered his comedy talent.

In response, the ace comedian said,

Discovery of talent is mostly through hunger though I wont say thats what led me to find myself. I have always known my gift and I worked towards cultivating it.

Sometimes, young people come up to me and ask me to show them way but I find that funny because all they need is right in front of them. In our days, we didnt have Instagram and other social media. If we wanted to be seen, we had to go out and perform at various far-flung places.

But today, you can reach the world from the comfort of your bedroom, provided you have access to the Internet. I have realised that it is the billionaires that hustle the most. While the people that dont have much are living like billionaires. As for me, I dont want to be a business man, I want to be the business.

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