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Beautiful Pre-wedding Photos of Donald Duke’s daughter, Xerona, and her fiance, DJ Caise

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Check photos of former governor of Cross Rivers state governor, Donald Duke’s daughter, Xerona, and her fiance, Derin Phillips aka DJ Caise.

Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Caise, announced his engagement to Xerona, the daughter of former Cross River state governor, Donald Duke.

The Beat FM OAP disclosed this onn Monday, August 29, 2017, in an Instagram post where he couldn’t seem to hold back his excitement.

He made no secret concerning how important bride to be Xerona is in his list of importance after writing, “Love of my life!! A lot of things to be grateful to God for but you remain top of the list. Thank You.”

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As an highlight of the event, the disc jockey posted some romance themed pictures on his Instagram. An image where the pair looked like they were sailing into the sunset however proved to be the main spectacle.

DJ Caise, also known as Derin Phillips is the son of a former Lagos State Commissioner, Chief Mrs Teju Phillips.

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His great grandfather, Chief Antonio Deinde Fernandez, was a renowned diplomat and business man during his time.

The cute couple had their wedding introduction in October last year.

The couple who posed beautifully for the shoot, shared the photos on their social media accounts.

See more photos below

Chheckout photos from their traditional wedding below…

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