Basketmouth Speaks Tough, Opens Up On Beef With Davido


Comedian, Basketmouth, has admitted that he came close to losing his cool on social media over a matter that involved singer, Davido.

The multi-award winning comedian who opened up on the disadvantages of celebrities settling their scores on social media, made it clear that he’s not one to shy away from saying his mind, adding that he would rather do it face to face than behind the mask of the internet.

“I do not get on social media walls because I want to increase following, mine is, if you come at me, if I feel the need to address you, I will. But 99% of the time, I would not say anything about it. He said

“There are so many times that I allow issues to slide, for instance, I said a joke that happened to be out of context about Davido; Davido was really upset. He didn’t come at me but I was a little bit shaded with what he said. I wanted to react but instead, I apologised.

“Personally for me, war should be war, come and say whatever you want to say to my face. It is wise for you not to bring out your personal issues on social media and that’s what I stand for”.

“If it is a clap back at an artiste like yourself, then it is your choice. Once it gets to family, let those ones be in your house, let your Instagram and twitter group be between you, her father, her mother and herself,”.

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