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Aside ‘D’, Men Have Other Sensitive Spots! Ladies, This Is for You

It’s believed that men are all about their p*nises. When it comes to sex, women normally don’t care about other body parts in their men but experts have revealed that there are other sensitive spots on a man’s body.

“These are places on his body that are literal hot spots, loaded with supersensitive nerve endings that instantly rev him up when stimulated” says Patti Britton, a PhD, Los Angeles-based clinical sexologist and author of the The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage .

Below are listed the hot spots.


Yeah. The whole of a man’s head especially the area where hair grows out from are some of the most sensitive areas that surrounds all human beings. Applying a simple stroke or gentle massage would have him admiring your techniques.


Ask him to close his eyes and blow out air lightly over them. Watch how he slowly wants more of you.


Who doesn’t know the ears are sensitive? They are arguably the most sensitive parts of any humans body given the amount of nerve endings housed therein. Gently breathe into them while you whisper sweet nothings with the occasional lick and watch the erotic looks he gives off.


All areas around the neck of a man contain lots of nerve endings. Learning the right way to glide your fingers around his neck would be highly beneficial to you both. Also, you can nibble and lick the contours around his neck while giving him soft bites. Sit back and watch his body crave for more.


The lips of men like our hearts contain membranous nerve endings which send a lot of sensations to the brain and in turn provide passionate feelings during make-out sessions. Learn to kiss, suck, lick and nibble on them till he shows he wants more of you.


Men have no other reason for having nipples than for it to make them happy. The nipples of men serve no other purpose than to give satisfaction. Men naturally exude fear when their nipples are touched for the first time but it is essential women learn to
build up to touching it slowly until he’s comfortable with your touch. You’re bound to give him an explosive orgasm this way.


If he has got chest hair, it makes it all the more better for you to grab them while you slowly massage his chest muscles. You can bring out his wild side by;hitting his chest slowly which will surely bring out the tiger in him and make him come on you just the way you like it.


Chances are the thighs of your man is hairy but bare in mind that they are very sensitive especially the inner thighs. Stroke them with your nails and fingers, rub and massage them and watch him give you that look of orgasmic satisfaction.


A mangs balls may not look interesting to the eyes but if you’re keen on making him have memories of his orgasm, then you’d have to do more than just stare at his scrotum. We love to be touched, kissed and stroked on the balls and doing this is an;experience he will never forget in a hurry.


The frenulum is the band of flesh connecting the underside of the shaft of his p*nis and the head of the penis. The Frenelum is an area containing numerous nerve endings that will provide maximum sensation and pleasure especially when you use your
mouth on it. There is a caveat here though, make sure you have your sound system turned up except you want your neighbours hearing what you both are up to.

Perianal area

This area consists of the perineum which is the fleshy area extending from his testicles to his anal region. This area also contain millions of nerve endings which makes it sensitive to touching and licking. Rubbing your hands on this area can stimulate his prostate gland which has a positive effect on intense orgasm.

Body Creases

A lot of body creases lie all around his body from head to toe. Some of the Creases include the back of his ears and his armpits which contain lots of nerve endings which help to increase stimulation and sexual pleasure.


That area behind the knee cap of a man is super sensitive and is bound to give him much pleasure. You can take your time to stroke the soft fold lying there and watch him moan in sensual pleasure.

Sole of Feet

You might find his feet repulsive but you could take him out for a pedicure to get the dead skin off and make his feet more attractive. A foot rub would then come in handy with a few strokes could get him to cloud 9 without much touching.

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