AshView: Serenade; Lover’s rhyme


Serenade; Lover's rhyme

Time equals life,
And what we both have
No man knoweth about.
You are the tune that strikes
In me a wonderful melody.
You are all I think about.
If you think I lie,
I beseech thou see my heart.
My heart beats and it’s nonstop.
Time equals life,
I won’t lose you while alive.

Spices and wine
From India and France,
These things I bring you
Hoping you’ll surrender the keys to your heart.
The things I can do when by your side, are things I’ll rather not think about.
If this is voodoo,
I want to be evil.
My heart beats nonstop,
Saying you and I were meant to be till the end of time.

Fear not that I lie,
For when with you
I no longer feel like the
Man under the mask.
Who am I?
‘I’m one who got stricken/struck, neither by cupid’s arrow nor by beauty or its shadow.
I’m one, who has seen a lady,
Likened to Esther;
Beauty is the least of her adornments and I a man hopelessly in love seeketh her to be my wife.
For better for worse,
Rich or poor,
In health or In sickness, And we’ll live as Man and Woman because, two of us
Are a team too strong to put asunder.’

Time equals life,
And life equals time.
What we both have
No man knoweth about.

Written by General Chan

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