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AshView: Amidst The Lush of Greens


Amidst the lush of greens
The sun smileth at me.
With the sound of Aiko’s ‘bed peace’,
My mind travels far to where you are.
These days I think of you more.
Too many a time I have tried to fight it, but I realize it is not a bad thing to care about another
other than ourselves.

Really, I cannot say if this is a mutual feel(ing), but still it feels like it is. I see it in the little things
that you do.

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Like how you text me in the morning and I reciprocate.
Love, I do not know if she exists, but I want this to last more than a day, a week, a year and more;
for you bring sunshine into this gloomy life of mine.
You better me in a lot of ways,
And I need no soothsayer to phantom this.
I write poems which I hope you’ll one day read.
I sing songs which I hope
You’ll one day hear.

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Gold is pure,
Diamonds are beautiful.
But your eyes fair lady of the sun is a vision of heaven,
And in them I see my haven.
Somehow I feel you and I were meant to be,
And if this is a dream,
I want to experience it.

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