APC to Jonathan: Only the guilty should be afraid.

Lai Mohammed
The All Progressives Congress on Monday said only those who are guilty of crimes against the Nigerian people need to be afraid of the incoming administration.

It assured Nigerians that the incoming Buhari administration will not persecute anyone, contrary to statements credited to President Goodluck Jonathan.

This was contained in a statement signed by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

APC said, “Those who have played poker with the nation’s destiny must be willing and eager to clear their conscience before man and God.

“That the President-elect is a man of integrity is not an issue for debate, and he has made it clear that he will not be bogged down by endless probes.

“However, the hands of the incoming government will not be tied by those who have chosen to play the victim and exhibit a persecution mentality.

“Whoever has any reason to be afraid must lay bare such reason before Nigerians.

According to the party, under the climate of change which Nigerians have ushered in with their votes, only the guilty needs to be afraid.
Those with a guilty conscience, on account of their actions in the public sphere, must clear such so they can be at peace with themselves.

“The last time we checked, this does not fit the definition of persecution,” APC said.

The party wondered why the President chose a public forum to express his fears when he could have done so privately during his meetings with the President-elect.

It noted that since the presidential election was won and lost, the President and the President-elect have met privately a number of times. He therefore wondered why President Jonathan failed to express his apprehensions during those meetings.

The party also said, “Even if the two have not met, the President could have reached out to the President-elect over any fears that he may be nursing, instead of engaging in an action that seems like he was being pre-emptive and seeking to curry public sympathy.”

APC insisted that the priority of the incoming government will be the welfare and security of the long-suffering people of Nigeria. He enjoined all citizens to support the administration in charting a new path for the country – away from the rapaciousness and impunity of the past years.

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