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The Adopted Child – By Balogun Anuoluwapo


The adopted child
We are barren!
To God, day by day we cry.
We had to!

Then… we adopted
adoption-a helping child we sought,
Our endless hope in years past.

Happiness of the dim past arrived
Shinning like the crystalline diamond
This, proceeded from our barren womb.
No cause to call, no adoption to adopt.

Only if our heart could see
More than our eager thoughts
Our womb betrayed our thoughtfulness
We ever thought, never for once knew,
Our thought had a joyful dance,
Fulfillment of our dreams we call it…

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A baby of anguish was born!
The baby, a sickler
Out of necessities, we call!
Tremendously, we seek help!
Now have a cause to call adoption to adopt
Never realised the cry of our medicine

Tears flowed to flooded streams,
Have we really gotten a child?
Have we really gained independence?
We still need the help of the colonial
As that of the adopted child
Cripple economy depends on their stick
Leadership depends on their microphone

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We are barren!!!
Still not gotten a child
When will the sickler be healed?
An independence indeed,
An independence!!

NOTE: This article is written by Balogun Anuoluwa Elizabeth (NUNU-SMART), a student of English department, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. No part of this article should be rewritten online/offline without giving credit to the Author – Balogun Anuoluwapo (Nunu – Smart) – and quoting as source.

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