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Actress Left Her Husband Because of Domestic Violence



Moji Olaiya’s marriage troubles reached the ears of the public when she decided to leave her husband
due to domestic violence. Monalisa Chinda who is a popular Nigerian actress also voiced out about experiencing the same horrible experience.

The popular yoruba actress (Moji Olaiya) and mother of one who is also the cultural ambassador of Ekiti State made it known to the public in an interview with Vanguard on January 3, 2015. Moji Olaiya split with her
husband Bayo Okesola due to the fact that he was abusing her. During the interview she mentioned that she walked away from her marriage to avoid living as a victim of domestic violence and also to protect her daughter.

She went on to saying; a woman needs a man by her side and she is in fact currently dating a new man but cannot reveal his identity for now until Bayo Okesola who she married in 2007 is legally her divorced husband.

The actress (Moji Olaiya) who converted from Christianity to Islam saying “I Love Islam Because You Don’t Need A Pastor To Get Closer To God” made it known that she has every intention of re-marrying.

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