A 60 year old Pastor is found guilty of multiple rapes against children and adults in his congregation for over 20 years

A ‘feared’ evangelical pastor is facing jail after he used his trusted position to abuse children and adults in his congregation over 20 years, with help from his wife.

Self-styled prophet Michael Oluronbi, originally from Nigeria, was found guilty of the offences against six women and a man – five of whom attended his church.

In a confession videoed last year by a victim’s family member Oluronbi claims the devil made him commit his terrible crimes and described himself as ‘an animal’.

Some of his offences were carried out after he convinced victims to take part in ‘spiritual bathing’, which he claimed would ‘cleanse’ them of evil spirits.

He was convicted on Friday after a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, and his offending can now be reported after restrictions were lifted.

During the trial, a jury heard that some of his young female victims became pregnant multiple times but were taken to abortion clinics by qualified pharmacist Oluronbi, to cover up what was happening.

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