8 Signs That Show He Wants Nothing More Than ‘No-strings Attached’ Sex

8 Signs He Wants Nothing More Than No-strings Attached Sex

To all the women out there, I have to ask for your forgiveness on behalf of all the men folk. When we become horny, we tend to bring up our worst possible despicable attitude which can be likened to that of a dog who is pawing, panting and begging for a bone which in this case is sex, that is right in front of us.

But our horniness is only there for less than 5 percent of the time and you can always expect us to be in our right senses 95 percent of the time. We’re not always horny. Except you and your partner decide that the only thing the both of you want is sex, men are bound to show interest in something other than your naked body all the time. So, if you’re concerned about whether the new guy you just met is only after sex, check out the 8 Signs to look out for.

His Friends Don’t Know You
If he has a problem introducing his friends to you or never allows you hang out with them you’re probably not top of his priority list. If he has great plans for you, he’d want you to integrate and bond with everyone in his life and his friends will be the first point of call.

He Knows Little About What’s Going On With You
If a man is simply looking for a fuck buddy, he will do all he can to avoid the messy stuff such as knowing your friends, meeting your family or asking what’s going on with your job. This is not the case if he wants a steady relationship.

He Skips Foreplay Always
If you can’t remember how many times you’ve given him a blowjob and he has never gone down on you, it probably seems he’s out to always satisfy himself with no care about what goes on with you. Time to re-evaluate.

He Doesn’t Let You Forget Anything
If “Sweetie, your undies are under the pillow” or ” here’s your lipstick” are common remarks you hear, he has some intentions that just might not be unpalatable for you.

He’s Always Too Busy To Make Plans
You’d always find yourself asking him that you both should spend some time together at the movies or beach over the weekend, but he’d always bring up one excuse or the other.
The hard truth is he’s finding a way to avoid being seen with you outside. He doesn’t want any form of non-sexual hangout that would not involve your lingerie dropping and you standing naked in front of him.

He Only Wants To See You In Private
He mostly calls you when he’s on the move or at work to meet him up back in his home. Even though contacting you for a booty call isn’t an entirely bad idea, it is important you get your priorities right.

He Detests His Friends’ Girlfriends
You’d hear crazy remarks like Segun’s girlfriend is unintelligent or Michael’s babe looks so old. If your boyfriend doesn’t say anything good about his friends partners, chances are he has no interest in being tied down by a woman.

Everything Is Sexual
You just finished a promotion interview at work and he says “come over and let’s have mind blowing sex”. Whatever it may be that is happening in your life, he limits and sees sex as a way to encourage or pacify you. Or is he missing an opportunity to compliment you the right way?

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