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8 Reasons You May Want To Choose Kissing Ahead Of Having Sex



Because of the fast paced world of today, we all tend to forget the positive emotions that comes with kissing. We can however reminisce about our younger days when we were in our teenage years and all that really mattered to us was an interest in a particular member of the opposite sex whom we can day dream about for hours and have repeated thoughts of kissing.

Those days were the time when a kiss or peck on the cheek can be seen as something very serious and anything that progresses to smooching, we automatically consider as full blown sex. Well, the truth is our younger selves were right about the beauty of kissing and the excitement that comes with it.

Check out these 10 Reasons why we should consider choosing to kiss our partners ahead of having sex with them.

Kissing Usually Means More Than Sex

There has been a myth around that holds true till today about prostitutes. The myth might not be true but the reason why prostitutes don’t kiss is not farfetched. Kissing is a deep and intimate act that we all want to share with a special person.

It Can Be Done Publicly

In a lot of places in the world, you can give a fast kiss and not be charged with public indecency. Sex on the other hand is reserved for the inner recesses of your bedroom chamber.

One Night Kisses Are Not Problematic
Comparing the problems that comes with one night sex romps and one-night kisses will make you choose the latter ahead of the former.

Everyone Can Get A Kiss From You

You can basically kiss everyone without the fear of things going more intimate than you’d like most especially if you work in fashion, media or if you’re from France.

Your First Kiss Was Better Than Your First Sex
This is a fact that is Guaranteed.

Kissing Is The Best Form Of Foreplay
This is a fact that all and sundry can agree to. Kissing alone can be the only event that can characterise foreplay and in some cases can even make some people achieve orgasm.

It Expresses Love
Kissing is one of the most innocent ways to express your feelings for your partner without doing the nasty stuff.

You Can Kiss Without The Fear Of Getting Dumped

It usually depends on how deep it is and the person you’re with. Whoever it is, whether it’s someone you’re crushing on or someone you’re in love with, you can always kiss them without the fear of being dumped. Sex would make you feel used; kissing on the other hand can make you think of how much the person sucks.

Pregnancy Is Not On The Cards
This is something the females can be very happy about. You’d satisfy your emotional needs without the fear of pregnancy.

It’s The Spark That Can Signify A Life-long Union

The kiss on the day of your wedding looks like that of a perfect moment where you’re surrounded by the people you love and those that love you back. It indicates the love, happiness and devotion you have given and what you expect in return.

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