8 Characteristics Of A Stingy Guy On A First Date

A Stingy Guy On A First Date

I find it very shameful and ridiculous when I see guys complaining that they can’t spend on a lady whom they barely know on first date because they are yet to tumble beneath the sheets and that she may eventually reject their love proposal.

Even when they choose to spend on a lady, their reluctance will be so glaring just like someone being forced at gun point to drop his money and this is the reason why some ladies have resorted to attach terms and conditions before a guy can take them on a date.

So ladies if you notice the following characteristics in a guy on first date, just know that he is the stingy type.

1. He orders cheap foods for you

Some guys are so stingy to the extent that before they can order bottle water or sausage roll for a lady, they will think over and over again. Even when they are about to order such meals, they will whisper at the lady’s ear that “don’t you think it’s better for us to buy these stuffs outside?”. Can’t you see that it’s too expensive here? Funny enough, it’s their type that will blow trumpet loud on how they spend immense money on a lady at exotic restaurants.

2. He will demand sex in exchange for his money spent

I consider this act as a big disgrace and any guy guilty of this act deserves some lashes of cane. Simply because you bought N200 suya for a lady during your first date, that doesn’t give you a free entry to her kitty cat. I mean you spend such a ridiculously meagre amount and you expect a lady to surrender her body cheaply? Bros, you need Jesus in your life.

3. He chooses local restaurant for date

Sometimes I wonder how on earth a reasonable guy will take a lady to an untidy restaurant whose foods has been contaminated with flies. Just because a plate of rice goes for N100 with the inclusion of a big rotten meat, he will start feeling on top of the world that he has satisfied the lady. Anyway with the crop of ladies nowadays, I don’t think they can tolerate this bullshit from any guy.

4. Sharing of Bills

It is only a stingy guy that will request that bills be split on a first date. This is an act of stinginess coupled with low self esteem. To be very candid, no lady in her right sense of reasoning will ever date such a man unless she has no choice.

5. He complains bitterly if you request for quite expensive meals

Some guys can never cease to amaze me because by the time the lady they take out on a first date request for rice and chicken, they will start looking in discomfort just like the way GEJ was looking when he lost to Buhari. The prefer the lady orders for just a bottle of coke and meat pie but when she orders for a plate of rice, discomfort will be registered on his face.


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