7 Reasons Men Lie In Relationships

7 Reasons Men Lie In Relationships


Every situation in life comes with its own stipulations, problems and reasons why we acted the way we did. People lie for different reasons but men specifically have some, sometimes funny and bizarre reasons for telling lies to their partners. A lot of the time, there is a deeper problem that prompt men to lie to their partners and digging deep enough can help put a stop to the lies especially if they have become common place. Here are a few of the reasons why men lie to their partners.

He’s Involved In A Shameful Act
Some men occasionally masturbate and watch porn no matter how much frequent bomb sex they are having. He may not know how to tell you the truth if you ask him if he has a stash of pornographic movies, if the reason he’s spending so much time in the bathroom is due to masturbation or if he’s doing something he’s not proud of.
It will help a whole lot in a situation like this to let him know that there’s no need for him to be ashamed of anything as they don’t make you see him differently. If you feel having conversations on topics you’re certain he’s lying about make him uncomfortable, don’t force him to share details of the things he’s doing until he’s ready to do so as long as they are innocent things you can bear.

He’s Doing Something He Knows You Won’t Like
No woman wants to hear that her man is hanging around a lot of women, which occasionally happens with men. A man will likely do things you don’t approve of when you’re in a long term relationship and it’s best to talk about the issues calmly. Never make him feel justified to lie because he wants to avoid another argument. If you’re in a committed, long-term relationship, there are bound to be things that he does that you don’t necessarily approve of.
If the thing he’s lying about is harmless, it’s best to view things from his perspective before going on an attack that will make him feel bad.

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He is Ashamed
A lot of the time in which men are caught telling lies, they do so because they want you to see and think the best of them. Men can exaggerate their earnings or family status as a way of making their partners feel secured. They may also do so, so that you can feel they are more successful than they see themselves. Any form of insecurity will make a man lie to make himself feel more powerful or make you see him exactly the way he wants you to.

Fear Of Being Honest
A man will for instance lie to you if he knows you will get angry or upset at the truth. If he wants to hang out with his friends and you frown upon it, he will feel a justification to lie for him to be happy. Men need time to relax and hangout with their friends and if your man can’t do that without the fear of you disapproving, then he will feel choked and trapped. If he feels the need to go out once in a while, allow him to be honest with you and he will most times be truthful about it in the future.

He’s Scared Of Hurting You
When you ask him if you’re getting fat and he tells you you’re not, even when you know you are, chances are he’s lying because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. White lies like these shouldn’t be a major cause for concern unless it’s something that happens almost every time. If he’s lying to protect you, it’s best to take it as a love gesture.

He is Sh*t
There’s that possibility that the reason why he is lying is simply because he has done something wrong which he knows will have a lot of serious consequences on your relationship if you ever discover. If the lies are beneficial to him because he can cheat, steal or do any bad thing by telling them, it’s best you hold him accountable for his actions.

If his lies hurt you because he’s putting his needs ahead of that of your relationship, then it’s time to exit the relationship. If you distrust him and feel there is a sinister reason why he’s lying, don’t succumb to his excuses. Find out the truth!

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