6 shocking things women tell their friends about your performance in bed

Everyone knows women talk a lot, they are also known for having lots of other women around them as friends. The same way men talk over bottles of beer; women also have friends that allay their fears. They discuss a range of topics with relationships being their favorite.


If you are bothered about your girlfriend saying a lot about your relationship to her friends, you had better get used to it and perhaps specify the things you would not like her friends to know. Men would be surprised to know that their girlfriends’ friends know the darkest secret of their relationship.

While men may feel a little edgy taking about the intrinsic of S3@. Xx:’ with other men, women feel totally comfortable and would open up on their S3@. Xx:’ life as soon as the topic is reached. They feel this liberate them and help them to be better people.

Most men would feel embarrassed to know that women close enough to their girlfriends or wives know their S3@. Xx:’ habit and the grunting noises they make as they plunge their way into a woman’s wet core. This and many more reasons could be responsible for many men’s inability to stay around their women’s friends for too long.

Let us find some of the things women tell each other about your performance in bed:

1. How good the S3x is with you



The next time you probably want to be selfish while having S3@. Xx:’ with a woman by jerking off on your own, you had better think twice about it. Women are bound to discuss the S3@. Xx:’ual experience they have from sleeping with you with their friends.

They rate your performance in bed and say go on to analyze how they felt afterwards. So if you had the strength of a stallion and did well, they would praise you. And if you could not even last thirty seconds while at it, be sure to be laughed at.

2. The size of your pen. is

Men discuss parts of women’s body too and even talk about it openly. Women, when they are with their best friends do not skip a single detail. They discuss everything about you including your girth size. If you are endowed down there and could fill her up during S3@. Xx:’, she would tell. And if you happen to have a small Pen. is, her friends would know in no time.

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