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    WARNING: 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Chinese Mobile Accessories

    By on Jul 10, 2016

    When opting for cheap $2 charger for your smartphone, it is worth stopping for a moment and considering such a low price, especially, if the shipping is included to this cost. In fact, buying cheap Chinese accessories for your smart phone not only can damage your device, but it can harm your health. Find out why it is better to purchase from the reliable suppliers and not niggle for cheapies.


    Save your money and protect your health with the high quality phone accessories on Jiji

    Pure-quality material


    The main reason to forget about buying cheap phone accessories is the material they are made of. Very often, you can find your charger smelling just because it is made of a cheap rubber that starts melting while charging. In this case, after being used for too long, the rubber can go off the wires and you might get stroked by the electricity.

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    Safety standards ignored


    Since chargers have hundreds of volts internally, there’s a big risk if a charger doesn’t have proper insulation. Some other chargers are manufactured not including the maximum amount of volts allowed, so they might be overpowered for your home power outlet and might cause you fire.


    Don’t fit the power outlets of your home country


    Some of the chargers purchased overseas might not fit the power outlets at your home. In this case, you might have to spend extra expenses on purchasing an adaptor. If calculated afterwards, you will come up with the same price as if ordering from the reliable suppliers http://jiji.ng/cell-phones-tablets-accessories on Jiji, who trade with the original phone accessories only.




    As Chinese accessories are being shipped from hundreds of miles away, it takes you much time to wait until your order arrives to your home. It is really uncomfortable in frames of timing, especially if you can opt for much less time-consuming option, such as ordering on Jiji – a trading platform with the products coming from all over Nigeria.

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    Break down soon


    When shopping cheap phone accessories you never know when is going to come their last day and in what least expected moment your headphones will get silent. And the most offensive thing is that you cannot get any guarantee or your money back, on the contrary to Jiji where your rights are completely secure and you can contact the seller at any time you need.




    Keep in mind that when buying from overseas the legislation rules are not applied on this kind of product, so if you get just a beautifully packed fake, there will be no one to blame.



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