5 Frightening Facts You Never Knew About Milk, Number 4 Will Shock You

4. Abdominal bloating: Abdominal bloating happens as a side effect of the lactose content in cow’s milk. This happens when it moves through the large intestine without getting properly digested. Bloating, another form of lactose intolerance occurs when the small intestine fails to produce enough amount of an enzyme called lactase, which is required for the breakdown of lactose. It may occur when the lining of the stomach becomes irritated from lactose found in cow’s milk, the breaking down of lactose may cause stomach irritation and intestines may cramp.

5. Anaemia in toddlers: Cow’s milk has a very low content of iron. And since infants consume lots of milk, they end up getting less amount of iron. One more way of how cow’s milk causes anaemia in toddlers is by the the occult intestinal blood loss in toddlers.

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