5 annoying things Nigerian men say when they are asking ladies out

Nigerian men like every other men in the world are boisterous; swayed by ego, men enjoy pushing certain things in the faces of ladies. Most of them think doing these things put them in a better light when in fact it worsens their application.


We need not tell you about the things women look out for in men at this point; these things are subjected to variation in individuals. Some women would love the men more when they hear them say some of these silly things. But most times, women get turned off when men talk extensively about themselves while demeaning the women in the process.

Not only do women find this rude, they find it unacceptable and this could make them turn the men down to prove a point. In this era when women are starting to find their voices and measure up to men at various levels, it could be quite offensive for a man to go on and on about his achievements while casting women as irrelevant subjects.

Nigerian men could be annoying when it comes to the things they say when they are trying to ask ladies out. They place ladies on the same plain and treat everyone as the same. Find below some of the silly things Nigerian men say when asking ladies out:

1. ‘I can take you round the world’

Depending on the context in which this statement is being made, a woman may find it totally repulsive to have a man say that to her.

Not every woman enjoys being spoken to this way especially if the man is trying to buy her over. Some ladies become defensive when men say this to them and they go on talking about the countries they have been to themselves.

2. ‘I can buy everything you have on’

We know you have a blooming business and you are rich, so what? Ladies do not like it when they meet men who talk down at them and assume they would trip once they know they can take care of their financial needs.

Some ladies would rather walk in rags with pride than date men who would give them clothes and would make them feel worthless afterwards. This is no longer a love call, it is pride.

3. ‘I am the MD and founder of …’

Some men cannot help telling you about the position they occupy at their working places. How about getting to know the man behind the title first? Some women definitely do not like it when men strike them as being proud.

While some ladies may be overwhelmed by the title, some apparently do not care and may mock the whole process.

Is there anything wrong in men being themselves and acting natural when it comes to asking ladies out? Must they be superheroes before they get the courage to walk up to the women?

4. ‘What are your statistics?’

Now this would piss women off totally. It is irritating when men walk up to ladies and within few minutes start to ask them for their statistics when the guys do not work for modelling agencies.

This is a lustful question and most ladies who are chastised may frown at it. Not only is it inappropriate, it could sound as a rude shock to the women.

5. ‘Baby, I’m capable of satisfying you down there’

Some Nigerian men are really silly. Not only is it inappropriate to say this to women, it is embarrassing for the women to be addressed like that when they are not prostitutes.

Even though ladies worry about the sexual performances of their partners, they do not appreciate it when men propose this to them while asking them out. It makes them feel like the men are after their bodies and nothing else.

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