14 Tips : How to stay healthy and disease related during harmattan period

Here are 14 tips on how to stay healthy during harmattan period which would makes you live long. Read bellow👇👇

1. Wear thick clothes to make you warm:Whenever going out in the morning or indoor always wear thick clothes that will makes you warm to avoid cold.

2. Drink plenty water to prevent dehydration: Always drink water to avoid dehydration water which may cause illness, sweating e.t.c.

3. Wash your eyes regularly: Always wash your eyes often and often to avoid red eyes, and also wear protective spectacles

4. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask :Always use nose and moth mask to cover your mouth to prevent dust from entering to your mouth especially nose.

5. Exercise regularly:Exercise your body every day in the morning to stress out your body and to make your warm.

6. Use oily creams to keep our skin healthy: Always apply oily creams after bath to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

7. Apply lip balms and oily cream to the soles of the feet: By doing this it will help you to prevent cracking.

8. Reduce exposure to the dust: If you are Asthmatic, reduce exposure to dirty and dusty atmosphere and always keep the inhaler handy.

10. Wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating.

11. Don’t drink soda, coke and other carbonated soft drinks. They may dehydrate your skin. Drink hot tea, because it keeps you warm and free of flu.

12. Bath with warm water in the mornings and evenings because it will keep your body warm and free from cold and other flu symptoms.

13. Switch off all electrical appliances after use.

14. Quench naked fire after use.Wishing you health during and after this period.

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