10 Ways Men Break Up With Women That Are Completely Uncool


It is true that it is difficult to understand why you break up with people. We all have a sad, funny or completely awkward breakup experience. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to break up with your partner, it is important you ensure that the breakup happens in a manner that would leave you both relatively satisfied.

There are some uncool ways to want to end a relationship and if you are considering using some of these ways, we enjoin you to reconsider. Here are 10 common ways that you may have used or experienced.

The “Things are Just Not Normal Right Now”
This one usually comes out with the routine “you’re a great person, but it’s not you, it’s me” version of ending things. This is said as an alternative “ I like you, but I’m just not that into you.”

The Gentle Fade
This happens quite a bit and a number of us are guilty of this. When you find out things are not working out and you just allow the relationship to slowly and gently fade away. It’s one of those places where you both keep trying to make it work but it never just seem to gell. Nonetheless, it’s not a pretty way to let a relationship go.

Ghost Method
This one is akin to disappearing without saying a word! The only method that’s more terrible than being dumped by a phone is not having someone to tell you it’s over. It’s more courageous to tell a person “no” than to leave without saying a word. Whatever you want to do when you want to breakup, don’t be a ghost please.

Text Message
This method of ending a relationship became innovative by the turn of the millennium. In truth, using this medium to break up with your partner is relieving since it eliminates face to face and voice conversation. The downside with this however is that the person you’re breaking up with will feel disrespected. It gives off an “I don’t owe you anything” attitude which usually comes with the “sex was good but I don’t want us to do it again” attitude.

Improperly Timed Ending
Some people tend to unconsciously schedule their breakup to a period that would hold much memories for their partners. It could be Christmas, last day of the year or Valentine’s day. For some others, it could be the period their partners just lost a loved one, their job or something dear to them. This is very much uncool but still remains something to be done because there will always be a special occasion coming up that will probably make you justify the logic of not breaking up again. Find the appropriate time and spill the beans.

Quick And Sudden Goodbye
This one is pretty common too. It tells your partner that you’re done with them and you never want to see them or whatever you have left over in their possession. On the other hand, it could mean that you finally built the courage to walk out of the relationship but your partner is left alone going through all the gifts and stuffs you left behind at their place. Try doing it the appropriate way, so that the both of you can move on.

The Best Friend Betrayal
This one hurts in more ways than one. Not just because you’d lose a partner you love but you might also be saying goodbye to a long term friend you love. If you however feel they will make a good pair, your breakup may not just be uncool.

Breaking up these ways are not that good but if you’re certain you want to end a relationship, do it in a subtle manner that you both can remain civil to one another. A lot of the time, you’re usually better off without the person you breakup with but it is nonetheless, a difficult pill to swallow.

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